Our Story

The story of Apotech began with our two founders, Fabien Pezous and Will Lewis, who shared a common goal: 

Create a consultancy firm tailored to the unique, ever-changing needs of the life sciences industry.

With nearly two decades of combined experience in life sciences consulting, they shared the same vision and wanted to create a life sciences consultancy company that would fit with their common understanding and assessment of the industry.

Working together, they identified five important areas of focus:

Despite enduring years of tension in the international arena (as proved by events such as Brexit and various global crises), international trade remains the primary objective for the majority of companies in the MedTech and BioTech sectors. In fact, two-thirds of US Drug product launches were followed by launches in other countries between 2010 and 2020.

Another significant trend is the resurgence of industrial activity in Western nations which is creating a huge opportunity within this region.

The labour market is undergoing transformation, with some individuals seeking greater flexibility and embracing freelance status as the epitome of flexibility. This trend is gradually spreading across Europe from Anglo-Saxon countries. 

Meanwhile, others are prioritising stability and security in their professional pursuits.

Regulatory standards are becoming increasingly stringent, particularly in terms of prioritising patient safety. Regulations are also incorporating international considerations, with mutual recognition and regional agreements making an international regulatory strategy progressively more crucial.

Whether employed in molecule design, expediting clinical trials or being incorporated as a medical device, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral component of various projects. 

While it may have also introduced a new layer of regulatory complexity, AI’s integration is enabling the significant acceleration of innovation, rendering the once-impressive Moore's Law seemingly sluggish.

In today's landscape, clients are more concerned than ever about addressing uncertainties and being prepared to combat unforeseen events. Business models like contingent workforce and fractional support play a role in mitigating uncertainties.

Our guiding principles

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In response to their assessment of the current landscape, Fabien and Will set out to establish a company that embodied the following principles:

  • Global and international approach: From inception, operate on a global scale and cater to various international markets and opportunities. 
  • Flexible HR policies: Tailor HR policies to accommodate the ambitions and personal lives of every consultant to prioritise flexibility and work-life balance. 
  • Highly skilled senior staff: Become staffed and supported by a team of the most experienced and skilled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from around the world, ensuring top-tier expertise in every project.
  • Cutting-edge technology integration: Embrace the latest advancements in AI and other emerging technologies to provide a state-of-the-art approach to our services.
  • Proximity to clients: Strive to be as close as possible to its clients, foster strong relationships and understand their concerns intimately to tailor solutions around their unique needs.


These are the principles that have guided our team at Apotech to this day and have led to many of our fruitful partnerships and milestones over the years. 

The Apotech timeline: our milestones

As we continue onwards with our journey, our team at Apotech remain dedicated to driving innovation and supporting the life sciences industry. 

Start your story with us.


Feb 2021: Creation of Apotech UK


Sep 2022: Establishment of Apotech France


Jan 2024: Inception of Apo Audit Business Unit


Nov 2021: Apotech UK becomes entitled to act as UKRP


Dec 2023: Apotech FR entitled to act as EU REP


June 2024: Unveiling of the new brand and website

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